Excursiones y tours desde la costa del sol

Cancellation Policy

1° For the purposes of the applicable regulations, only excursions lasting no more than twenty-four hours or more shall be considered to be
that do not include an overnight stay, offered by the agency or planned at the user’s request, for a flat rate.
2° The excursions organized by Viajes Euroamerica s.a. are subject to these general terms and conditions, and by the
Decree 301/2002, of December 17, 2002, on travel agencies and reservation centers, of the Regional Ministry of Commerce, Tourism and Tourism.
Sports of the Junta de Andalucía (Boja nº 150, December 21), and other applicable provisions.
3° The visits and excursions included in this program include transportation by coach, entrance fees to monuments, and the
guide services. No extras are included.
4° The prices, schedules and itineraries of the program may be modified by the organizer if circumstances so require, in the following cases
in which case customers may choose to accept any modifications that may occur, of which they will be informed prior to the start of the
service, or request partial reimbursement.
5° Once the visit or excursion has started, all the components must accept and comply with the instructions of the
(guide), who is sufficiently empowered to introduce any modifications that may be advisable or imposed by the
circumstances. The abandonment or separation of the group during the excursion, for causes not attributable to the Organization, implies the
loss of any right to claim total or partial indemnification.
6° When making group trips, those composed of more than ten tourists, and for the duration of such trips, the clients shall
shall have at their disposal one or more qualified persons for their assistance and guidance, and these functions may not be carried out by the
drivers of the means of transportation. When the excursions include visits to museums or properties listed in the Catalog
General de Patrimonio Histórico Andaluz, customers will receive information service on cultural, artistic and historical matters,
The natural and geographic information on such properties by tourist guides of Andalusia, according to the geographic scope of their authorization.
7° DOCUMENTATION: The D.N.I., Identity Card and Passport, as a personal document, the responsibility of its possession,
The traveler is responsible for the cost of having it fully compliant. The organizer will advise and inform without charge.
financial or liability of any kind. If, for any reason totally beyond the control of the Organizer, the traveler is
If entry to any country is denied due to lack of legal requirements, the Organizer declines all responsibility, being for the Organizer’s account.
the traveler for any expenses incurred, applying in these circumstances the conditions established for cancellations or cancellations of
voluntary withdrawal of services.
8° CANCELLATIONS: Each of the contracted services has its own cancellation policy. Most of them allow the
User may exercise his right of withdrawal from the time he makes the reservation up to 24 hours before the reservation is made.
It is important to take into account that, once this period has elapsed, the cancellation policy will be applied with less than 24 hours notice, and it will not be possible to refund the amount paid or request changes in the service. Failure to appear on the day and at the time stipulated in the contracted service will be considered for all purposes as a cancellation of the service “in situ” and consequently the cancellation policy will be applied with less than 24 hours notice. Granada 100% expenses from the moment the reservation is formalized and/or the tickets to the Alhambra are purchased.

The Agency may charge any ancillary expenses duly justified and the Agency’s profit, legally
Extraordinarily Viajes Euroamérica may consider refunding the amount of the purchase in the following cases:
Serious service disruptions due to traffic interruptions.
Contrasted failures of our system.
Trip cancellation due to natural disasters that prevent travel during the purchase period.
9° Once the trip has begun, no refund shall be made for services not used. the Organization is not responsible for
The Company shall not be responsible for any delays that may occur in the maritime services nor for any extra expenses, outside of the program,
organized, by reason, in all excursions supported by that service.
10° For the smooth running of the excursions, we kindly ask our clients to arrive at the scheduled departure point 10 minutes before the start of the excursion.
of the departure of each trip. Registration for these excursions closes the day before the trip.
11° V.A.T. is included in the published prices.
12th Program valid as of January 01, 2021